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EG TECHNO.116 Amalle

Amalle’s ‘Pollenflug’ is now available via Wang Records. Stream and download here

On a peripatetic and drifting existence between a myriad of continents, the search for home has always involved the creation of music. In continuation of that pursuit, Amalle envelops his listeners in a world of atmospheric soundscapes, melodic gestures, and a thumping kick that drives deep within the dancefloor. With an emotive and intricate approach to songwriting, his take on electronic music deftly straddles the line between the abstract and the concrete.

01. DJ Hell – I Want My Future Back w/ Barry White
02. Amalle – Unbound
03. Distant Echoes – Sommo Carattere
04. ARTIFVCT – Out Of Order
05. Sousk – Pez
06. Pianeti Sintetici – Kacnea
07. Claudio PRC – Haidou
08. Distant Echoes – The Denier
09. Amalle – Liberate
10. Amalle – Untethered
11. Biri & Yogg – Spill The Mill
12. Distant Echoes – Modus Operandi
13. Sebastian Kramer – Refrak
14. Maōh – Sacrifice
15. Mystics – Fake Three
16. Arnaud Le Texier – Ibora
17. Amalle – ID

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