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EG TECHNO.120 Klara Sestiniova

Klara Sestiniova is a true 360° art enthusiast, a pianist with expertise in visual arts applied to theater, and a veteran VJ who entered the electronic music scene in the early ’00s. As her musical journey evolved, she explored singing and vocal experimentation, reflecting her nostalgic raver spirit in a mix of wide-ranging soundscapes and experimental techno.

Her DJ sets are akin to cinematic storytelling, navigating through various genres from peak-time techno to cold wave, electroclash to raw and hard trance. Her eclecticism takes the audience on a passionate dancefloor journey, seamlessly blending genres and creating an immersive musical experience that leaves you craving more.

Klara has showcased her musical prowess in renowned clubs across Lebanon, India, Turkey, Canada, Lithuania, France, Italy, and the Czech Republic. A perpetual researcher, she draws inspiration from diverse sources, including cinema, art, nature, and architecture.

Her collaboration with Spada on the track ‘Music is the Way,’ released on Solomun’s Diynamic, earned recognition as Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune on BBC Radio 1. Klara’s music regularly graces Beatport charts and receives support from esteemed DJs like Solomun, Paul van Dyk, Tiësto, and many more.

She is the driving force behind the Ultimo Paradiso label.

01. MSB4000 – DJ Europarking aka Dollkraut [BPitch Control]
02. Track ID
03. Universo Proibito – Klara Sestiniova [Ultimo Paradiso]
04. Track ID
05. Energy Flow Eternal (Retro Belgica Remix) – Jens Lissat [Studio3000 Records]
06. No Sleep – Chippy Nonstop & dj genderfluid [WET TRAX]
07. Sogno Infinito – Klara Sestiniova [Ultimo Paradiso]
08. Enter My Fantasy – Panteros666 Feat. Chippy Nonstop [Tekno Kawaii]
09. Magnitudo – Klara Sestiniova [Ultimo Paradiso]
10. Tranceatlantique – Tourman [39 Records]
11. Suspiria – Klara Sestiniova [Ultimo Paradiso]
12. Meet Me In The Club – AIROD [Lenske Records]
13. 123. – Alex Wilcox [Ufo Inc.]
14. Ufo – Goa Gil [?]

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