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EG TECHNO.122 Aamourocean

Aamourocean is a prominent figure in the future of electronic music, known for pushing boundaries and blending Psy-Trance, Gabber, and Techno. His musical journey includes notable releases such as the 2018 EP “Enjoy The Silence” on Casual Gabberz records, featuring the acclaimed track “Journey Of Force” with dancers Edx & Mich. In 2020, he followed up with another EP, “Parmi Les Mortels,” and contributed a single, “Ecchi,” to the Nadsat compilation along with a custom video game.

Aamourocean has collaborated with various artists and entities, including the brand Koché for the track “Cyan Teen” and the company La Horde for the soundtrack of the piece “To The Bone.” He has also composed soundtracks for films like “L’ge Atomique,” “Diamantino,” “Jessica Forever,” “Jeunesse,” and “Vandal.” Noteworthy productions include work with Catnap, TDJ, Namasenda (whom he recently remixed), and Maud Geffray. Aamourocean’s impact on the French electro scene is undeniable, and he further solidified his presence with the release of the collaborative album “Borne” with the artist Détente.

01. G Jones & EPROM – Hysteria
02. Major Lazer & The Partysquad – Original Don
03. Aamourocean – unreleased
04. TNT – Boom Boom Boom
05. Krampf – WW
07. Lil Texas – Revelation
08. Delete – Take It Back
09. Aamourocean – Il est temps
11. Yultron – Imma Be A Raver
12. life sim – Aamourocean ◖ᵔᴥᵔ◗ ♪ ♫ remix
13. The Journey Continues (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
14. Aamourocean – this is the way
15. Anderex – ACID Is My DNA
16. Aamourocean – Je n’étais qu’un rêve
17. Krampf & Paul Seul – Multigroove
18. Namasenda – Wanted Aamourocean Remix
19. Tin Machine (empyrean tears remix)
20. Von Bikrav – Rude Boy Aamourocean remix
21. Mad Dog – What Is Hardcore
22. On en veut plus (Yoshiko Remix)
23. Danny L Harle, Lil Texas – Dreaming
24. u’re not alone – Aamourocean nxc version
25. Frontliner – 200 BPM

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