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EG TECHNO.125 Andrey Sirotkin

Andrey Sirotkin, an electronic music producer and DJ hailing from Kyiv, Ukraine, embarked on his journey in 2013. After six years of exploring various musical genres, he honed in on techno, unveiling his new project, Shade Of Drums.

The inaugural SOD EP, “The Universe,” hit the airwaves that year, setting the stage for a series of dynamic releases. In 2014, he followed up with the digital EP “Cyclic Numbers|02,” showcasing his evolving sound. The vinyl-only releases “CNEP01” (2017) and “CNEP02” (2019) further solidified his presence in the electronic music scene.

In a pivotal move, Andrey transitioned to hardware sound under his own name. In 2019, he debuted his EP on Rune Records, alongside remixes for Atomic Simao’s ‘Warped’ and Windom R’s ‘Swallow.’ The momentum continued into 2020 with releases on Ukrainian labels Corridor Audio and Subself Records.

The dawn of 2021 saw Andrey’s creative output surge with self-released singles like “Bring the Light,” blending bass and IDM elements, and “500 Years into the Future,” a deep dubstep venture. The highlight of the year came with the release of the EP “Vyrij” on Mystictrax, garnering support from esteemed artists like Heap, Jack Doe, and Richie Hawtin.

A new dimension unfolded in 2021 as Andrey delved into modular ambient/experimental music with Vlad Suppish. Their live jam sessions, recorded for Systema and NFT radio, captivated audiences with their ethereal soundscape.

As the year drew to a close, Andrey’s exploration of dub techno culminated in the impending release of “303 Phalls” and “See You Later” on the “Insectorama” label.

The onset of 2022 brought unexpected challenges with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Despite the turmoil, Andrey remained steadfast in his musical pursuits, channeling his emotions into a series of poignant releases including “Her Soul Sparkles,” “Be Here Now,” “Imperfection Is Beautiful,” and “My Shelter / Nothing Is Safe.”

Upon his return to Kyiv from the western part of Ukraine, Andrey embarked on a new venture—his own radio show, “Against The Grain,” on Gasoline Radio. Dedicated to showcasing non-mainstream, deep, atmospheric, and experimental electronic music, the show is a testament to Andrey’s unwavering commitment to the art form.

01. Andrey Sirotkin – Enter Reality 2.0 (original mix)
02. Andrey Sirotkin – Parallel Universe
03. Andrey Sirotkin – Would You Rather
04. Andrey Sirotkin – Je Suis Attire Par
05. Andrey Sirotkin – I Am Who I Am Because Of You (original mix)
06. Andrey Sirotkin – Grit
07. Ross Harper- Deep Life (Andrey Sirotkin remix)
08. Skyhunter, Andrey Sirotkin – Prisoner
09. Andrey Sirotkin – Nablud
10. Andrey Sirotkin – It’s Itchy
11. Andrey Sirotkin – Men Don’t Cry
12. Andrey Sirotkin – Can You Funk (remastered)
13. Andrey Sirotkin – I Hate Mondays
14. Andrey Sirotkin – How Do I Plead
15. Andrey Sirotkin – Every Day I Miss You More
16. Andrey Sirotkin – Future Noir
17. Andrey Sirotkin – Lend Me Your Eards (original mix)
18. Andrey Sirotkin – Worst Time Travel Destination

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