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Deaf Pillow is more than ten years of hard work and experience, combined in a single project. It is the unmistakable result of an outstanding collaboration between Rodrigo Lozano and Christian Berger, two pioneers of the House music scene in Lima, and great influences on the country’s underground music scene.

Deaf Pillow proposes a mature and progressive understanding of electronic music. Their sound is future-oriented but classic, fusing the unexpected and the unconventional in a very well structured way.
This duo feels more eloquent listening to them in their extended sets, balancing a mental and mysterious atmosphere with a dark but wonderful mood. Longtime residents of Superclub, La Huaka & La Tribu in Lima, they shaped the Peruvian electronic music scene with their own sound.

With more than 15 years of experience, his production work has been released on various labels, including: Crosstown Rebels (UK), Kindisch Music (DE), Get Physical (DE), Vatos Locos (UK), Tzinah (RO ), Drumma (DE), HEISENBERG (DE), Cervidae (Ita) among others.

After successful tours in Europe, the United States and South America (performing at iconic festivals such as Sunwaves (Romania) Xtrema Outdoor (Belgium), Creamfields, Circo Loco, tINI and The Gang & Vatos Locos) they also performed in infamous clubs. in Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Ibiza and Madrid.

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