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Since arriving to London at the dawn of the new millennium, the duo have become renowned for their unique sound, with energy and flair that traverses their DJ sets and productions alike.

Their journey together began in 2002. With a taste that holds no bounds and an obsessive passion for crate digging, we can still hear these eclectic influences thirty years later. Multifarious genres, from funk to jazz, hip hop to classical, and a whole spectrum of house, have all influenced a sound unique to Italoboyz.

It was their mutual immersion and passion for music that led to a fascination with the musical process. No longer just appreciating records at face value, a process of discovery and exploration began. Every aspect of a track would be meticulously analyzed, the antithesis of a then organic process of reproduction; playing along to a piece would lead to hours of improvisation, an aspect which would later influence their future endeavours. “What we look for in music is timelessness. When a track truly transcends the era in which it was made, it really becomes an entity of it’s own”. This appreciation of music as objective, rather than subjective, was an early indication that the pair planned on sticking around.

Focusing on musicality, integrity and longevity, the duo have released to universal acclaim. Never the types to sit around, they have released over 100 tracks, between original tracks, collaborations and remixes, with a career just tipping the decade mark.

After almost a decade of various releases on labels like Moon Harbour, Viva Music, Circus Recordings, This & That (the list goes on and on) and some astonishing hits, like 2007’s Viktor Casanova on Mothership (over 10.000 vinyl sold, best seller on Wardandsound for the year), 2008 Zinga on Get Physical (acclaimed techno masterpiece), 2012 saw the launch of Superfiction, an outfit created by Donato and Marton, in partnership with fellow producer and Live act Blind Minded, focusing on creating a movement rather than just a label. Representing their main source of musical output as well as becoming a platform for collaborations and emerging talent, it’s another insight into why the ‘Boyz are tastemakers and trendsetters in their own right.

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