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El Buho Collaborates With Artists From All Over The World On ‘Ramas’

El Buho collaborates with artists from all over the world on ‘Ramas’

Photo credits: Lizett Diaz

It is the third studio album of his career.

English DJ and producer Robin Perkins, better known as El Buho, released his latest long-player ‘Ramas’ on March 27th via Wonderwheel Recordings. The musical package features 19 collaborations by different artists from 12 countries.

Once again, the musician bets on the fusion between traditional Latin American music with electronica. From that mixture that characterizes his singles such as ‘Nevar’, together with Didacte, or ‘Resiliencia’, with the Chilean DJ Raff. The latter has a music video that includes Proyecto: Segundo Piso’s choreography. 

Check out the ‘Resiliencia’ video and listen to the album below. You can purchase ‘Ramas’ here.


1. “Amanueces del Espiritu” (El Búho x Alex Hentze x Dominique Hunziker)
2. “Absolut” (El Búho x Tremor)
3. “Rumba Viento” (El Búho x Captain Planet x Kata x Izzy Wise)
4. “Nevar” (El Búho x Didacte)
5. “Resiliencia” (El Búho x DJ Raff)
6. “Medusa” (El Búho x Klik & Frik)
7. “Amalia” (El Búho x Aluna Project)
8. “Pez Dorado” (El Búho x Chancha Via Circuito x Alejandra Ortiz)
9. ” Sky City” (El Búho x Thornato)
10. “Cancuban” (El Búho x M.RUX x Yemanjo)
11. “Diablada Disco” (El Búho x Nickodemus)
12. “A Miña Fraga” (El Búho x Baiuca)
13. “Elefta” (El Búho x Stas)
14. “Alegria” (El Búho x Rodrigo Gallardo)
15. “Gaviota” (El Búho x Rumba Tumba)
16. “Kuuma” (El Búho x QOSQI)
17. “Hornero” (El Búho x Barda)
18. “Kif Kif Kuf Kuf” (El Búho x Kraut)
19. “Salford Cumbia” (El Búho x Joaquin Cornejo)


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