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Electronic Groove, Listed, and Manjumasi unite for ADE week animal rights fundraiser

On October 19th at Duke of Tokyo.

Photo credit: Tim Sandik / Ded Agency

Amsterdam, known for its vibrant electronic music scene, is set to host a unique and charitable event during ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) Week 2023. In a harmonious blend of music and compassion, the influential media group Electronic Groove (EG) is teaming up with prominent event producer Listed, and the renowned music label Manjumasi to organize a musical showcase and fundraiser benefiting Animalrights.NL, a Dutch organization dedicated to safeguarding animals from cruelty and exploitation.

Mark your calendars for October 19th, 2023, as the Duke of Tokyo transforms into a haven for music enthusiasts and animal lovers alike. This exclusive event promises a night to remember, featuring a stellar lineup of world-class DJs. The stage will come alive with sets by Atish b2b Mark Slee, Maxi Meraki, Saqib, Ivan Sandhas, Arianna Danae, and Rivellino. And if that’s not enough to pique your interest, a surprise guest artist will make a very special appearance.

In addition to music, the event will offer an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the work of Animalrights.NL and connect with other individuals who are passionate about house music and animal rights. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the NGO  helping to support their vital work.

Animalrights.NL stands as a beacon of hope for animals in the Netherlands, tirelessly advocating for their welfare. Through their unwavering commitment to advocacy, education, and investigation, the organization has achieved remarkable victories for animal rights, including the ban on fur farming and the prohibition of animal testing for cosmetics.

The fundraiser event during ADE Week 2023 is a unique opportunity to support the important work of Animalrights.NL and enjoy a night of incredible music. Tickets are now available for purchase here.

To learn more about Animalrights.NL  visit here.

Electronic Groove

Founded with a mission to push the electronic music scene forward and away from traditional standards, EG holds the modern mold of dance music culture up to the fire to spark insight and discussion across the board. We are an amplifier and platform for new music, news, interviews, and special features in a credible, objective, and compelling approach.

For over 15 years, EG has been at the forefront, supporting artists, labels, brands, and festivals in a dedicated and bespoke manner, understanding and caring for the artistic product.


Listed is a SF-based initiative that showcases cutting-edge electronic music acts and strives to make it accessible via event productions and an artist agency. Listed’s mission is to create unforgettable experiences with a warm, intimate vibe for its guests. Since its founding in San Francisco in 2005, listed has steadily expanded its reach to become an integral part of the dance music scene across other North American cities, most notably New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami, where its events and bookings artists are supported by an avid following of fans, artists and industry professionals.


Manjumasi is a music label formed in San Francisco by Atish & Mark Slee, focused on the quirky and sophisticated sounds that the two regularly feature in their club gigs and studio mixes. Deep, complex, melodic grooves that engage the listener while maintaining a playful vibe.

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