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Electronic Groove Records Releases Its First EP

Electronic Groove Records releases its first EP

Electronic Groove Records proudly presents its first label release, signed by the hand of Freedo Mosho, who turns in a strong trio of tunes, crossing over genres and creating a unique and engaging sound in the process.

Already supported by artists like Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, DJ Steve Lawler, and Damian Lazarus, Freedo Mosho delivers three brooding tracks that may qualify as deep techno but, still, keep away from any specific labeling, blurring the lines between techno and house. It´s a very cool outing, with plenty of bouncy echo, outer space sound effects and disembodied voices all around, with clear and concise production and mastering, making this EP a collection of tunes worthy of sharing the Electronic Groove vision.

‘Blue Tribe’ kicks off the EP with minimal percussion and the occasional pad making an appearance here and there, with plenty of distortion giving the track a corrosive edge atop a thick cushion of sub-sonic foundations. A pinch of bass, along with snippets of voice samples, put the finishing touches on what is a very sparse and atmospheric tune.

‘Time Capsule’ starts on a more energetic tone, with a driving beat alongside chilling synth stabs that mark the rhythm, and deep, sinister voices drenched in reverb and echo. This track could work well in an after-hours set, thanks to its moody-yet-intense sound. Dark and foreboding, it gets inside your head and doesn’t let up.

Closing the EP is ‘Aad Honorem’, a more subdued and melodic track, but one that carries its own punch as well. With a steady groove marking a slower, more deliberate pace than the other tunes on the EP, it feels simpler and lighter, but amid the quirky samples and arrangements lie a well thought-out rhythmic core and effective harmonics that complement the overall detached feel of the track.

Cover art is by Seikon, an artist based in Poland and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdänsk. A sculptor as well as a painter, his work shows his interest in geometry, specializing in creating patterns that transform surfaces using color and design. Many a fine mural around Poland and elsewhere display his angular style, which has become his trademark.

Electronic Groove shows its dedication to quality electronic music with this release, three unique and well-produced tracks, making it a strong first EP for a concept that has identified with the best in underground music and culture since its beginnings and that now, with the Electronic Groove Records imprint, seeks to spread its knowledge and good taste across the electronic dance music soundscape.

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