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Electronic Groove Selects: Top 10 Tracks of 2020

It’s been a long and testing year for most of us, and our industry has been rocked to its very foundations. From aggressive lockdowns that isolated most of us from the rest of the world to not being able to dance in a club and share a good time for months, COVID-19 has taken an unimaginable toll. Misogynistic and toxic attitudes have been called out and the racial issues that have plagued us for decades are now on the table and visible for everyone to see. But, if something can be taken from all of this (aside from an imperative need to address these issues in a serious and empathic manner) is the fact that no amount of tragic events will ever drown out the music. In a year where we needed it the most, it was always there, ready to flip our switches with just one click. That is why at Electronic Groove, we the staff, have decided that we’d like to share with you those tracks that have made us dance our socks off, made our hearts warm, and had tears running down our cheeks.

These are the tracks that saved us. These are our top 10 tracks of 2020:

Niconé Feat. Enda Gallery – People in the City – Bar 25 Music

Bar 25 has particularly caught my attention this year with a fantastic string of releases through 2021. This gem by Niconé featuring Enda Gallery is hypnotic to the core and the vocals cut deep. A perfect take for an imperfect year.’Mauricio

Hernan Cattaneo & Lonya – Rebirth (Words from poem “Lockdown” by Brother Richard) – Free Download

‘This is one of our most special gifts so far. Entrancing and riddled with a powerful message by Brother Richard, Hernan and Lonya provided a shimmering glimpse of hope at a moment when we needed it the most.’Rene

Uone & Western – Kaos Of Time feat. Briony Taylor-Brooks – BEAT & PATH

‘This is definitely one of the most original pieces I’ve heard all year long. Few club-ready compositions can paint a picture as vivid as the one Uone & Western suggest in ‘Kaos of Time’, where aided by the sensual vocals of Briony Taylor-Brooks, the Australian pair kick up the dust and rock out in Far West-style.’Axel

Eelke Kleijn – The Magician – DAYS like NIGHTS

‘The whole album is a great piece of work by Eelke, and this is the stand out track, no doubt. Its energy is infectious, while also managing to remain shrouded in a cloud of mystery. Much like a magician should be. In a year like the one we’ve had, I reckon we can all do with some much-needed magic.’Lisa

Ezequiel Arias & Artfaq – Duality – Replug Records

‘I always like to imagine how the tracks would be played live by one of my favorite DJs. This track I feel, in good hands, has the power to send the entire dancefloor in a frenzy.’Simon

Solomun – Home – NINL

‘As Solomun so eloquently explained, ‘Home is about the things we miss’. This deep track has all the making of Solomun’s best outings. Diving off the deep end, the German artist conjures darkness in order for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.’Aria

Alex Efe & Diego Berrondo – Between Us – Electronic Groove Records

Electronic Groove Records has been releasing some wonderful tracks this year. On this cut, Alex Efe & Diego Berrondo craft a fantastic journey with beautiful sounds and melodies. A truly underground melodic gem.’ – Mauricio

Bob Moses and ZHU – Desire – Domino Recordings

‘Diven by emotion, ‘Desire’ tears at our soul, stripping us back to that eternal plea. The one where we ask to be free, free from this curse that inexplicably drives us where things have hurt us before. It’s about letting go and moving on. Something I believe is essential to our self-preservation.’Axel

Brian Cid – Monocerotis – ENDANGERED

‘When a track manages to be representative of sound as a concept of a whole label, it is something sensational. Immersed in a dense dark environment, surrounded by percussions that end up rewarding you with a promise.’Simon

Colyn – The Future Is The Past – DGTL Records

‘The lyrics speak of truth as history repeats itself. It’s a very catchy tune with great melodies. I’ve danced to this many times during lockdown. Definitely one of my go-to tracks of the year.’Lisa

-Bonus Track-

Zankee Gulati – Fika – The Soundgarden

Zankee’s ‘Fika’ is one of the most marvelous and eye-catching releases exhibited by Nick Warren’s label this year. Bright and fresh, ‘Fika’ feels like a walk through nature, as we bathe in its wonders. Not being able to go out all year long, this one has transported many listeners to a realm of peace and tranquility.’Axel

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