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Eli Brown & Talk Show drop paranormal thriller in ‘Trouble’ video

Inspired by legendary British filmmakers such as Alan Clarke.

Eli Brown’s reputation is largely based within the subversive. Bringing dark, ethereal tones to the fore within his own work, Brown’s alternative approach to production now sees him locking arms with London post-punks Talk Show for his latest single and video, ‘Trouble’.

‘Trouble’’s stark visuals present an ominous world set in sullen tones. A paranormal thriller that follows members of the public including Talk Show’s own Harrison Swann. Each of the visual’s protagonists are mysteriously chased by an invisible entity before being forcibly encapsulated by the unrelenting darkness of Eli Brown’s own aesthetic world; consuming each of them in a sinister finale.

Watch the video for Eli Brown & Talk Show’s ‘Trouble’ below, and grab your copy here.


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