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Eli & Fur present two new tracks on Anjunadeep

The EP invites listeners on an emotional journey through music.

UK songwriter, producer, and vocal duo Eli & Fur have shared two new tracks: ‘Walk The Line’ and ‘Big Tiger’. This constitutes the first sample of their next material to be released through Anjunadeep.

‘Walk The Line’ has a hypnotic beat and a dark aura. It feels energetic and ethereal. The track is described by them as ‘something to listen to and let go of’, as if driven by escapism and a yearning for new experiences. Speaking about the lyrics of the song, Eli & Fur said: ‘We wanted to write about being on the precipice of something where you can jump or go back to bad habits. About something or someone you can’t live with but can’t live without… being caught in a cycle of trying to make something beautiful last’.

The second track, ‘Big Tiger’, was modified and perfected by the duo earlier this year during the lockdown. The song is the culmination of adventures on the dance floor slowly forged by audience reactions. The track creates intense moments of ecstasy and tension within the sets. The girls have taken this album on a journey, and it shows.

Purchase your copy of ‘Walk The Line / Big Tiger’ here.

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