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Eli & Fur team up with Sam Luck for new single ‘Take Me High’

Via Major Recordings.

Photo Credit: Aaron Hurley

London-based producer duo Eli & Fur have just released their latest single, ‘Take Me High,’ in collaboration with Sam Luck. The track is now available on Warner Records’ dance label Major Recordings, and it showcases the duo’s signature style of techno, house, and alternative music.

Eli & Fur’s soundscape is highlighted by pulsating neon synths and airy beat craft, creating an irresistible hook. The duo notes, ‘When we first heard ‘Take Me High,’ we instantly fell in love with Sam Luck’s production.’

According to Sam Luck, Take Me High  was originally written and produced in 2021 together with Sam Bailey. After numerous versions going back and forth, the demo eventually got left on the shelf to collect dust… two years later, Eli & Fur added some special magic, and the track is now being played all over the world by the duo – I’m so excited for it to be released!”

Listen to ‘Take Me High’ below and grab your copy here.

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