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Ellen Allien and BPitch Berlin present new ‘We Are Not Alone’ compilation

Featuring Andree Bohlin, Billie Jo, Sept, DJ Physical, WTCHCRFT, Rhys Fulber, and more.

Photo Credit: Tasya Menaker

The seventh ‘We Are Not Alone’ compilation by Ellen Allien and BPitch Berlin is now available. It’s the first of three releases this year, showcasing diverse talent and reflecting the energy of electronic music from the event series contributors.

The compilation kicks off with ‘Kyiv’, a distinctive track from the label’s founder, Ellen Allien. Contributions from Swedish duo Andree Bohlin and Billie Jo, Warsaw-based producer Sept, and DJ Physical’s ‘Scary Night’ infuse the album with international flair. The tracklist also includes ‘Unusual Photograph’ by New York’s WTCHCRFT and Rhys Fulber’s industrial sound.

Broadening its global influence, the compilation features pieces from Naix (Galaxian), Berlin’s Lucinee, Colombia’s REÄKTTOR, and ‘Stargazer’ by Under Black Helmet.

The ‘We Are Not Alone Pt. 7’ compilation exemplifies the flourishing underground electronic music scene, reflecting the events from which it stems.

Listen to ‘We Are Not Alone Pt. 7′ below and grab your copy here.

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