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Ellen Allien remixes darkwave duo Lebanon Hanover

For three new remixes.

BPitch label founder Ellen Allien has dropped a new remixes EP, in which the German producer breathes new life into the sounds of romantic darkwave duo Lebanon Hanover.

The newly released EP ‘Lebanon Hanover “Ellen Allien Remixes”’ finds her meddling with the pair’s ‘Invite Me To Your Country’, and ‘Living On The Edge’, which comes in two different versions.

‘I’m a fan of Lebanon Hannover – they’re my weekly soundtrack at home, dancing around the carpet with my friends. They display a radical side without screaming, but understated and cool, clever poetry and stories in every song that appeal to me completely. Their lyrics speak to my soul and embody a feeling for me of where I come from. The Berlin of the past, that was empty and changeable, full of possibility from which we were finally able to blossom. Although Larissa sings in a very pretty way, the attitude is one of truth and melancholy, not pretending that the world is sweet and happy, but full of intensity, it’s sexy and truthful.’ says Allien about the opportunity to remix Lebanon Hanover.

Watch a video of Ellen Allien playing her remix of ‘Living On The Edge’.


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