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Elrow Town took over Madrid with creativity, music, and organization

2 days of confetti, excitement, and top music acts. 

Elrow Festival Madrid has once again solidified its status as a global powerhouse in the entertainment scene with the third edition of Elrow Town. The brand’s reputation for excellence and innovation was on full display as IFEMA, the conference hub in the Spanish capital city, was transformed into a vibrant and immersive playground for music lovers from around the world. With over 60,000 attendees hailing from more than 60 countries, the event showcased the brand’s ability to curate a non-stop musical extravaganza.

With nine themed scenarios, including a tiny original Jail stage and an enchanting Pink Castle, attendees were transported to a world where creativity knew no bounds. A scenery that only a few can create. A cast of over 450 actors and 150 DJs brought these scenarios to life, delivering performances that captivated and inspired. From the pulsating beats of techno to the infectious grooves of house, Elrow Town offered a diverse array of 11 musical styles to suit every taste.

Standout performances included Paco Osuna’s heroic set, which salvaged the day after a sudden rain shower on Saturday late afternoon, Adam Beyer’s session on the main stage also kept the energy soaring, and an unforgettable five-hour techno journey presented by Andres Campo, closing out Saturday night in breathtaking fashion. Sunday saw Paco Osuna once again taking the reins, delivering a masterful closing set in the marquee, pleasing with his avant-garde music to a diverse public, while the Nowmads stage showcased hard techno sets from the renowned Fatima Haji and Sara Landry. The night culminated with a vibrant closing set from Marco Carola, followed by Joseph Capriati, leaving the crowd wanting more after a weekend full of art, creativity, and talent.

Despite the massive turnout, Elrow Town was very well organized, with particular attention to detail ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees. One-way entrances and exits helped manage the flow of people, while a dedicated team of staff and police maintained safety and security throughout the weekend.

In conclusion, Elrow Town Madrid 2024 was a special celebration of creativity, music, and organization setting a precedent for many more.

Here’s to colorful love!

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