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Emanate – Again & Again – Second State

Emanate – Again & Again – Second State

Emanate is a partner based duo who both share a passion for music through creation and performance. Their latest release ‘Again & Again’ comes via Pan-Pot’s label, Second State, and is included in the latest imprint compilation, ‘Sum6’.

On their new sizzling track, a twisting jackhammer bassline leads the way to a dark, hypnotic techno workout, building its momentum from the get-go and unleashing an array of echoing voices, bouncy stabs and phased pads that seem to rise from the depths. The cut keeps its electric ambiance all throughout, giving a bit of respite in the breakdown but without losing the underlying tension until the beat kicks in again.

Emanate’s ‘Again & Again’ sits nicely alongside music from names such as Nick Curly, VNTM, Flug and BEK, thanks to a terrific production and well-thought, and sometimes surprising, arrangements.

The release is already available. Grab your copy here.

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