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Emika moves forward with “Forever Never” (Stream)

Producer, composer, singer, songwriter, DJ and performer; Emika is an artist who defies convention and narrow categorisation. The Anglo-Czech talent was classically trained in her youth, later discovering the limitless world of electronic composition that would provide the yin to her formative yang.

This time and after her acclaimed Melancholia Euphoria” EP  she comes with another 12 inches of forward-thinking electro/techno tunes.

Forever” is the sound of Emika boiled down to her steely essence. Gated vocal snippets and haunting synth arpeggios give a nod to early-’90s proto-trance, the arps filtering in and out of focus in tense fashion before unfolding into a melodic progression.

“Never” treads similar ground but takes a more direct approach, the tension building consistently in layers as more arpeggiated synths gently modulate in hypnotic fashion.

“Forever Never” it’s already out on Emika’s own imprint Emika Records.

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