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Enrico & Carmo debut with ‘Me Ama’

Featuring vocals from African singer Kali Mija.

Photo credit: Enrico & Carmo – Facebook

The DJ duo, Enrico & Carmo, has released their debut track, ‘Me Ama,’ on the Abracadabra label. This track is a collaboration with Lati and Jazuelle, featuring vocals from African singer Kali Mija.

‘Me Ama’ immerses listeners in a dreamlike atmosphere from the start, as rhythmic elements blend with melodic pads to create a compelling narrative. Kali Mija’s latin vocals lend a warm and captivating charm to the track.

The track reaches an intense climax at the third minute when Kali’s vocals pose the heartfelt question, “Why don’t you love me? Why don’t you treat me like the others? Am I not enough?” These words resonate throughout the track’s melodic composition.

Listen to ‘Me Ama’ below and download your copy here.

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