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Entoniu & Agape present their new EP ‘Too Drunks’

The duo goes deep and heady.

Still fresh off from their latest release, the Italians Entoniu & Agape, are back on 21st Street with their brand new ‘Too Drunks’ EP. While the duo gathered inspiration from around the world on their ‘City’ release, now they get down and dirty with their new narcotic 3-tracker.

The record features the titular ‘Too Drunks’ and ‘Blasphe’, which see Entoniu & Agape hitting hard, but without ever losing their house-infused touch, The package also includes a remix from Enough! Music founder Danilo Schneider, which delivers a funkier take on ‘Too Drunks’.

Entoniu & Agape’s ‘Too Drunks’ is out now, and you can grab your copy here.

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