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Enzo Siragusa & FUSE Launch New Label, LOCUS

Enzo Siragusa & FUSE launch new label, LOCUS

A new platform focused on house music has been born.

LOCUS is the name of Enzo Siragusa’s new project along with the team behind FUSE. This record label comes to light with a first EP courtesy of the Italian DJ and producer KOKO.

The project, as they explain, will serve as a home to explore all the nuances of house music offering a window to both, stage stars and rising producers alike.

‘I am excited to launch our new LOCUS label, which will focus on a more direct house sound from our global community. We will be working with some new artists and some familiar faces as we explore a new musical direction’, Siragusa said of the announcement.

You can purchase the first EP by KOKO, titled ‘Love Me Asap’, here.

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