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Eric Redd: “My resolution is to be more of myself, the truest version of me”

As we welcome 2024, we take a look back on the past year, to reflect on the memorable moments and inspirations that have shaped the journey of Eric Redd, a talented vocalist in the Electronic Dance music scene.

In this interview, we delve into Eric Redd’s experiences, favorite tracks, and aspirations for this upcoming year; join us as we explore the musical insights and inspirations of this remarkable artist.

EG: Hi Eric, welcome to EG! Looking back on the past year, what has been the most memorable or challenging aspect of your journey as a vocalist in the Electronic Dance music scene?

Eric Redd: Thanks for the invite. The most memorable has been becoming more confident in my own journey. This year I created, produced, and actualized most of the work I did alone. That’s a big step for me because electronic music follows trends, and I tend to feel myself on the outside of those. I can’t follow what I want to do and worry about what needs to be done to be recognized by those who play the industry games. I’ve done all that, and I’m never satisfied. Now, I’m just an artist making art. I hope those that follow my work like what I put into the world.

EG: Sounds good. Can you share with us a standout moment or performance from the year that you’ll treasure forever? What made it so special for you?

Eric Redd: One of my closest friends, Gisele Jackson, is a fantastic vocalist. We’ve been friends and sung together for years. She was my first visitor to my new flat in Europe. There’s a new recording studio in the flat that needed to be christened. When she arrived in Spain, it was blazing hot, so between dips in the pool, we wrote a song…titled, ‘Will You Move’ (it’s about following one’s faith). Not only is it one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, but it’s also the most fun I’ve had recording. The song was submitted for Grammy consideration in the Dance music category, and the Recording Academy moved it into ‘Song of the Year’ consideration. That was a “wow” moment.

EG: Can you pick one of your favorite songs from this year, of your own, and what about it resonates with you?

Eric Redd: ‘All New’ remixed by Hady Tarek. I love the idea of using my voice to create layers of sound. It’s also why I love recording my own background vocals. I created the track with Cody Brentlinger and Rod Carrillo. But once it was done, I handed it over to Hady, and he created a magical weave of vocals and sounds that I’m very proud of. It’s also in the title. ‘All New’ is about my rediscovering myself outside of American soil and being proud of all the things I’ve gone through to get here.

EG: Beyond your own work, were there any Electronic Dance music tracks or albums released this year that have left a lasting impact on you, either musically or personally?

Eric Redd: I discovered an artist called Christine and the Queens…Another gentleman named Obongjayer and a producer called Dr Packer. All really talented artists.

“Now, I’m just an artist making art”

EG: If you could perform at any Electronic Dance music festival in the world next year, which one would it be, and why?

Eric Redd: I would love to perform at Primavera Sound in Barcelona. I’m drawn to the diversity of that festival. But if we’re talking about an electronic music-focused festival, Tomorrowland would be amazing. The crowd there gets to experience so many different flavors. And of course, as a Californian, Coachella would be a dream come true. It’s my home turf.

EG: As we’re about to kick off the new year, can you share how you celebrate and welcome the arrival of 2024? Does music play a special role in your New Year’s Eve festivities?

Eric Redd: Oddly enough, this year I’ll be flying. I have shows in Europe, then Christmas in NYC, and then back to Europe right after. I might end up watching the ball drop from a plane! Music definitely plays a special role in my New Year’s Eve festivities. It sets the mood and helps create a memorable atmosphere for welcoming the new year.

EG: Let’s talk about your personal and professional resolutions for the upcoming year. How do they align with your musical ambitions?

Eric Redd: My resolution for 2024 is to be more of myself, the truest version of me. I want to embrace and nurture the new emerging things coming out from inside. I want to let the music dictate the direction and never blend in. I also aim to love more, share more, especially while creating. It’s about living more in truth, surrounded by truthful people. Lastly, I want to unload any dead weight and get rid of extra baggage, both mentally and physically. These resolutions align perfectly with my musical ambitions of authenticity and creativity.

EG: If you could collaborate with any DJ or Producer in the Electronic Dance music scene in the new year, who would it be, and what kind of track or project do you envision creating together?

Eric Redd: I would love to do more work with Booker T. I admire his style, and I want him to lead me into a deeper feel of Soulful House. He’s a true classic. I envision creating some retro-old Soul Train-type 70’s House music and Garage with him. It would be a fantastic collaboration.

“I want to let the music dictate the direction and never blend in”

EG: How do you see your vocal style or approach evolving in the new year? Are there any genres or musical elements you’d like to explore further?

Eric Redd: In the new year, I see my vocal style or approach incorporating more electronics. I love soundscapes and vocal stacks, harmonies, and chants. I’m particularly drawn to African music and Gospel harmonies. I want to work with electronic producers who can create soundscapes but infuse them with soulful inflections and feel. I also want to tell more stories with hope and happiness through my music.

EG: If you had to create a playlist of songs that represent your hopes, goals, and aspirations for 2023, what tracks would you include, and why do they hold significance for you?

Eric Redd:

  • ‘My City’s Gone’- (Sun-El Musician Remix). Hypnotically beautiful. Truth in how I feel about my evolving life.
  • ‘Adore you’ – Obongjayer (Fred Again Remix). Great vocal. Simple, yet almost like a cry. How I feel about love.
  • ‘Not About You’ – (Honey Dijon Remix). Insane rhythm. Classic Honey. Me taking care of me.
  • ‘I Can Feel it’- Jazzy Funk (Sebb Junior Remix). Funkay. Letting the rhythm dictate the route.

As we finish our conversation with Eric Redd, we’re reminded of the artist’s journey, from moments of inspiration to the creation of memorable music in 2023. With a promising year ahead, the artist’s resolutions and musical ambitions reflect his commitment to authenticity and creativity; we look forward to seeing where his unique blend of soulful vocals and electronic sounds takes him in 2024 and beyond, so make sure to follow him across social media to learn more about his live performances and new releases.

Eric Redd’s ‘Life….with subtitles’ is now available via Carrillo Music LLC. Download here.

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