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Eric Sneo to release ‘Sound Traveler’ LP (Audio)

This is the artist fifth studio album.

German DJ and Producer Eric Sneo has been recognized for his experimental sound and production skills with his use of acoustic and electronic instruments into his live performances, from E-Drums and percussion, to even a didgeridoo after his acclaimed performance atArt Of Life’ in 2009.

Following his Tronic 2013’s ‘Intensity’ album he moves forward with another LP, ‘Sound Traveller’. This features 14 original tracks which show Eric’s eagerness for experimentation. Providing full bodied beats and rolling basslines, closing the gap between tech-house and techno.

Two separate EP’s were released in December and January ahead of ‘Sound Traveller‘, including ‘Loaded Dice’ track in collaboration with Tronic boss Christian Smith.

‘Sound Traveller’ album will be out February 20th on Tronic.

Listen to the album’s minimix below.

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