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Essentials: Sònar Barcelona 2022

“Nature and Human Action observed through Sound”, one of the principles of this edition of Sònar.

Just a few days until the long-awaited 29th edition of the Sònar Festival takes place in Barcelona this June 16th, 17th, and 18th in its unique format (Sònar by Day and Sònar by Night) in their usual venues. With a total of 117 performances spread over 12 stages and more than 60 activities in the new spaces and formats of Sònar+D, the organizers highlight the long-awaited returns of global icons, such as The Chemical Brothers, Moderat, The Blaze, Bonobo, as well as new shows specially created for the festival, such as Arca at Sònar by Night on Saturday.

The sonic spectrum of Sònar will be equivalent to the distribution of energy and auditory perception of each of the attendees. During the Sònar tour on Friday night by C.Tangana to Richie Hawtin, we would expose the human ear to all kinds of sounds between 20 Hz and 20,000 that will be transformed into auditory sensations, transporting attendees from the dance floor to any location!

Sònar will once again infuse creativity, inspiration and of course good techno and advanced music. One of the proposals that are creating more expectations is the new Stage+D platform in a hybrid format, which is integrated into the Sònar by Day program, which is “dedicated to conferences with a high audiovisual and performative component and to multidisciplinary shows”, the organizers explained.

One of the conferences that caught our attention is that of the American researcher and artist Bernie Krause, who will present ‘The Future Belongs To Those Who Can Hear It Coming’. Passionate for sound, he has “defined the acoustic niche hypothesis and coined the concept of biophony”.

Also on the new Stage+D on Friday, another essential proposal is Craig Leon’s conference with this completely cyberpunk title, which we anticipate will cause a mental revolution ‘Androids Singing the Body Electric’. You can also see him perform at SònarComplex on Saturday.

Another essential artist is the Canadian Martin Messier – on Friday at SònarComplex. He will present ‘Echo Chamber’, “using self-created performative devices -three panels equipped with self-reactive plates that generate sound and long needles that are handled like instruments- Messier stages a show that explores resonance, light and shadow and the body itself”.

One of the reasons why we especially like Sònar is because of the great diversity of artists that it presents. This time, it is essential to visit the new SònarPark by DICE stage. In their words, “open-minded music that is designed to put bodies in motion”, so we will have to check it out at Sònar by Day.

Also at Sònar by Day, the new debate area in SònarÀgora will bring together professionals from the creative industries to discuss the present and future of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, science, art, and technology in general. A series of masterclasses, workshops, and other activities will be developed with a clear didactic vocation aimed at offering professional tools and knowledge.

‘The Synth Rebels’ – how we like to refer to Hainbach, Look Mum No Computer, and Cuckoo – will be present especially for Sònar, and supported by the creator platform Patreon.

Surely, one of the heart-stopping performances, and an EG Indispensable, will be that of Reinier Zonneveld on Saturday at SònarClub, who brings his machines to Sònar by Night to “burst the dance floor with acid and forceful techno. The boss of Filth On Acid will offer a live set designed for adrenaline junkies”, according to the organizers.

Last but not least is the SonarLab by Resident Advisor, where we will explore the Underground Sounds of the 15 most representative artists in club culture today, as they perform between Friday and Saturday nights. Especially the performances by Conducta, Giant Swan, Tiga & Hudson Mohawke present Love Minus Zero, and Jazmin Venus Soto (aka Venus X).

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