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Exodus Recordings to release TON 618’s ‘Space Is Full Of Noise’ remix collection

The collection includes remixes by Danny Lo Scippo, Magna Pia, Linear System, Riccardo Noè, and CNS.

Exodus Recordings is scheduled to release a remix collection of TON 618’s album ‘Space Is Full Of Noise’ on April 26th, 2024. The album originally debuted on M87 Records in late 2022.

This collection features remixes by international artists from the electronic music scene, providing new interpretations of TON 618’s tracks. It spans various genres, from Melodic Techno to Trance. Italian artist Danny Lo Scippo delivers a potent remix, while Turkish-Uyghur artist Magna Pia offers his unique style. Renowned producer Linear System adds two minimalist remixes to the collection. Riccardo Noè’s remix nods to the early 2000s trance scene, and the collection concludes with an outstanding remix by CNS.

The cover of the release features the first image captured by the NASA James Webb Telescope in black and white, adding a cosmic element to the release.

Listen to the premiere of ‘Space Is Full Of Noise – The Remixes’ below and pre-order your copy here.

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