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fabric goes All Night Long with Claptone, Ferreck Dawn & AmyElle

Photo Credit: Andreas Waldschütz 

A special ‘All Night Long’ edition at fabric in London played host to three iconic artists with three very unique sounds. The global clubbing institution was taken over by none other than Claptone in Room 1, Ferreck Dawn in Room 2, and AmyElle in the intimate Room 3. This was certainly a night to remember, one that came at the perfect moment as the UK gets back into the swing of things with softer COVID-19 restrictions providing an atmosphere of optimism across London and one of euphoria on the dance floor.

Entering fabric knowing you are about to dance it out until dawn is always an exciting endeavor, and if you have never visited this historical raving venue, one that has defined itself as a true provider and sculptor of the global underground electronic music scene, it’s something you must include on your dance floor bucket list. The club is not only perfectly designed to provide its guests with easy access to all the rooms, but it is also very well ventilated and has one of the best sound systems and atmospheres you will ever experience.

Being asked to play an all night long set at fabric, in particular, must be truly flattering for DJs and artists of all levels. You don’t only get to do the job you love and take your audience on a proper adventure, but you get to do it at one of the best and most iconic venues in the world.

The lineup for this night was professionally curated to perfection. The masked musical storyteller Claptone, who took over Room 1, lived up to his reputation playing a selection of deep and groovy energetic house tunes, both new and old, keeping the vibe elegant and happy throughout. The dance floor was truly engaged with his track selection that set an intimate tone and kept the crowd grooving with big smiles on their faces for the whole night. Memorable moments from his set were when he dropped some of his own personal classic anthems, including ‘Liquid Spirit’, ‘No Eyes’, and ‘Cream’, which all got a huge reaction. His mixing was seamless, and you could tell that his heart and soul were truly in this ‘All Night Long’ edition where there were even some nostalgic moments for him during it.

Ferreck Dawn, who made his debut at fabric in Room 2, delivered a set of groovy and filthy minimal, house and techno vibes from start to finish, taking us on a journey filled with driving melodies and echoey basslines. The second room was the perfect place for this set. Being a darker, more grungy part of the club, it allowed him to build up a fitting atmosphere subjecting the crowd to a top selection of techy bangers with attitude. He worked his way through his seven-hour set with no issue whatsoever, keeping the room’s vibe very much alive and kicking, making his first fabric performance a true pleasure for us listeners.

During this fully charged night in London, Room 3 was taken over by no other than UK-based AmyElle, who also made her debut at the club on this night. Amy is a top producer who has a very interesting cross-genre style influenced by classic Detroit techno, Chicago house, and more. Her set in this smaller, more intimate room went down an absolute treat where she showcased her raw sound and style that we couldn’t get enough of. An amazing moment was when she dropped her very own bouncy banger – ‘Feel The Heat’ -, which left the crowd wanting more and more. An emotional moment for her, no doubt!

No matter how many times you come to fabric, it is a clubbing experience that just doesn’t get old. On this occasion, and thanks to the amazing tune selections provided by Claptone, Ferreck Dawn, and AmyElle, the atmosphere was at its peak, making this particular night another one to add to the list of amazing nights I have attended in this club over the years. A big thanks to the DJs and the club for giving us such powerful vibes and more special memories on the dance floor. We will most definitely be back for more!


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