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Fabrizio Rat Releases ‘The Pianist’ Album (Video)

Fabrizio Rat releases ‘The Pianist’ album (Video)

Throughout his apprentice years at the classical musical academy in Turin, Fabrizio worked as a producer in dance music studios at the same time, hiding his ‘double life’ to both the professors and the DJs.

Following the release of two EPs ‘La Machina’ on Optimo, and ‘Technopiano’ on Involve, his two lives finally meet on ‘The Pianist’, enabling Fabrizio’s imagination and ability as a musician and producer to run wild. The hybrid, atmospheric techno LP exhibits a strange collision of worlds through the use of Fabrizio’s prepared piano, TB-303 and the TR-909.

Watch the video below to get some insight into the inspiring methods used by Fabrizio Rat and a look at his transfixing live show.

‘The Pianist’ is out on 30th June via Blackstrobe Records.

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