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Fec – Camellia – Chrom Recordings

Mexican producer FEC (Future Eternal Companion) delivers a new three-track EP on Ibiza-based label Chrom Recordings with two original tracks and a remix by Leiden based duo, Formel.

‘Morgana’ is a melodic deep house track that revolves around a pleasant xylophone-like riff and a phasing flute melody that is dreamy but charming. A short clean kick and a tom bassline drive the tune, which grows gradually and brings out its best towards the end after a deep and long breakdown introduce a new bassline that builds momentum and finally results in one last vigorous drop that combines all of the previous elements. Occasional ambient effects such as water, bird sounds and trippy indistinct voices come and go keeping the tune interesting and dynamic.

Formel (Tom Noah and Bas Van der Laken) also features on the release with a progressive techno remix of ‘Morgana’ that is more suited for big rooms having a stronger bassline, an epic lead synth and bold percussion loops that serve as catching accents throughout the track.

Lastly, ‘Camellia’ serves as the deepest track of the group and goes from less to more as mystic melodies and celestial-type vocals set the mood around a punchy kick and a progressive lead-synth bassline continuously surrounded by subtle but groovy percussion loops.

Fec’s ‘Camellia’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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