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Festival Nómade: A Celebration of Music, Art and Sustainability

With this magical effervescent backdrop, it’s no surprise that Colombia is the perfect location for the newest version Festival Nomade.

Held every December, and now in its third year, this festival aligns itself with music lovers and environmentalists, and aims to fuse electronic ethnic music with the ethos of the environment.

“Festival Nómade is a nomadic experiment that searches to generate a space for gathering, exchange and promotion of the cultural roots of Latin America.  Its festivals take place in isolated areas far away from big cities where life is still lived according to ancestral beginnings. With an emphasis on sustainable ethno-tourism, it is a platform for music and art that seeks to rekindle the fire of folklore, sparked by contemporary electronic beats, instruments and ideas.”

Director and founder of the festival, José Alarcón is adamant on preserving the main message of the event, stating that it “goes beyond music and dancing barefoot on the beach”. Instead, the focus lies in creating an organization that helps to generate alternative resources for the isolated communities, assisting them in diversifying their income through etho and eco-turism, integrating and creating awareness about their culture, traditions and the beautiful enviorments they call home.


It is almost always an adventure to arrive to Festival Nomade whether in its original location in the virgin coastal forests of the Reserva Mapu Lahual in southern Chile or in the tropical jungles nestled alongside crystal-clear waters in the Zona de Capurganá in Colombia. This December 8 – 11 in Colombia, festival-goers will arrive at a designated meeting point after maneuvering themselves across a mixed salt and freshwater bay, then embark on a 40-minute guided hike through the coastal jungle to arrive to the festival site.

Even before the spectacular showcase of music begins, festival-goers are encouraged to connect with their new environment, new friends, and with the local community. Nomads have the opportunity to participate in a diverse line-up of activities and workshops, each dedicated to inspiring a deeper connection to the festival’s’ unique surroundings. In Chile you can take standup paddles down the river, learn about the local craft of tejuelas, or capture bioluminescent bacteria from the ocean. In Colombia, the local Kuna people will demonstrate their intricate and colorful textile art known as molas, and a dip into the waters with a snorkel will reveal the diverse hidden life of the coral reefs.  The festival has also showcased yoga, guided meditations, hiking, artistic performances, and even temazcales – a sweatlodge-like ritual stemming from Mesoamerica where volcanic rocks are heated with herbal infusions to signify the maternal belly of our mother earth.

Once night falls, the Festival Nomade stage not only becomes home to some of the most delicious and sparkling ethno-electronic beats from around the world, but also hosts influential bands that are keeping traditional folkloric rhythms alive.

This growing music collective brings together musicians, DJs and producers from across the globe to beautifully fuse ancestral and organic sounds with contemporary mixes, synths, and instruments. In the future, the innovative team of organizers intend to replicate this magical musical experience in any forest, desert, or mountain top where there are disappearing traditions and sounds to be salvaged and rediscovered.

Currently a few early-bird tickets remain for both festivals in Colombia (Dec 8 – 11) and Chile (Feb 8-13), $95 and $160 respectively, and include access to all days of the festival, all activities, a guided hike to the festival site, and a camping spot. Other types of accommodations will soon be offered with regular-priced tickets (early-bird ticket holders can upgrade accommodations at any time). Regular-sale tickets range anywhere between $114 and $300 and festival-goers can choose between camping, hostel, or glamping options, all of which are in walking distance to the festival site. You can keep an eye on their website ( and facebook page ( for ticket sales, updated line ups, and tons of new music.

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Dj Sabo \ Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto \ Palmeras de Uraba \ Matanza \ Quixiosis \ Jhon Montoya \ Sidirum \ DJ Nirso \ Dandara \ Mr Toe \ Sari \ Jackson \ Galletas Calientes \ Bleepolar \ Mixticus \ Yabanko \ Biomigrant

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