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Fideles take Lufthaus’ ‘To The Light’ into the dark

Now available via Armada Music.

Daniele Aprile and Mario Roberti, best known as Fideles, have just unveiled their latest musical outing with the release of their remix of Lufthaus’ ‘To The Light’. The new drop is already available to stream and purchase via Armada Music.

With their own dark and personal twist, the Italian production duo Fideles reimagine Lufthaus’ original effort in a starker dimension. A showstopping piece, Fideles’ take on ‘To The Light’ puts the vocals under the spotlight by encapsulating them in a rumbling frame, laced with plush, borderline sinister melodies, painting a most harrowing affair that, in contrast, shines like a beacon of hope.

Listen to ‘Lufthaus – To The Light (Fideles Remix)’ below, and purchase your copy here.

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