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Filizola – Feel Me/All Night – NYLO

Mexico City DJ and producer Filizola continues on his quest to merge slick disco grooves with fierce house beats in the ‘Feel Me/ All Night’ EP, released by nu-house label NYLO on September 23rd. Made up of two tracks, ‘Feel Me’ and ‘All Night’, the record takes you right into the glitter and shine of club nights in the city thanks to funky instrumentation as well as soulful vocals from Roberta Howlett.

‘Feel Me’ opens the EP with a chunky, snaking bass line and stomping disco rhythm, filling the tune’s spaces with a glamorous vibe, like the inside of a disco dancefloor full of lights and mirror balls. Roberta Howlett’s vocals carry the song throughout its entire length, providing her wide register to complement the music´s bright energy.

‘All Night’ continues on the path taken by the previous track, which is down the disco lane and straight into killer vocal hook territory, accompanied by a jittery piano line, which gives it a drive and urgency that makes the tune feel lively and fresh.

In all, the EP is a well-produced, energy-filled record, sure to bring good times to any disco lovers or appreciators out there on the world’s dancefloors.

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