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Floorplan returns with ‘The Curse Breaker’ and ‘What You Need’

Now available on Classic Music Company.

Photo credit: Floorplan – Instagram

Robert and Lyric Hood, also known as Floorplan, have returned to Classic with their latest two-track release, ‘The Curse Breaker’ and ‘What You Need’. This dynamic duo once again showcases their distinctive gospel house sound.

‘The Curse Breaker’ is a blend of a religious sermon and expertly produced house beats. The track gradually builds in intensity, starting from a small flame and culminating in a euphoric climax.  ‘What You Need’ incorporates disco influences infused with soul from the 20th century, resulting in an irresistible dancefloor anthem.

Listen to Floorplan’s ‘The Curse Breaker / What You Need’ below and download your copy here.

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