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Florian Kruse teams up with Hendrik Burkhard to release on Poker Flat

A new Poker Flat Recordings release hits the stores, this time featuring German duo, Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard with ‘Sirens’ EP.

After a first successful release on the label they return with another slice of fresh house music for the summer. Florian Kruse, the Berlin resident who has been releasing powerful and emotional electronic music on various labels for almost a decade rekindles his partnership with Hendrik Burkhard – the singer and producer co-worked on tracks such as ‘We Own the Night’ and ‘Move in Slow Motion’.

Burkhard’s vocals on the opener ‘Moments’ are ethereal and heartfelt, merged with the duo’s expertly crafted late night house excursion.

‘Black Moose’ is another example of Kruse’s and Burkhard’s air for understated power – an instrumental that involves lush pads and a crisp rhythm track that gives way to a unruly bass and plenty of drama.

‘Sirens’, the EP’s title track, completes the trio, and is a little darker still – true headsdown tech-house with atmospheric vocals, arpeggiated synths, and tough as nails drums and percussion.

The release is already available in stores.

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