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‘Flying Over England’, a collection of 90’s rave flyers

The book is a flyer compilation of UK’s golden age of raves.

‘Rave Flyer Art of the Early 90’s’ is the name of the book created by Mike Pendergast, which stars with these words:

“The lights went on, the turntables were closed and the music stopped.” ‘Stay exactly where you are, do not move’, “shouted a policewoman through the DJ’s microphone,” ‘This is my territory, get out!’, “shouted a defiant raver. , using a familiar sample used in the Private Terrain theme of Platform One (1991).There should be fifty policemen in place, with more arriving and another fifty waiting below that we discovered later. After a rigorous body search, our names were verified through some computers they had installed, then they took us tightly through the big glass doors, up to the street between the riot trucks and the horses. The result of months of covert operations finally reached its climax. Juliet de Hull was being registered, and for a young man from one of the many municipal houses in the city, it was the end of a chapter that changed the life of his utopian dream. This collection attempts to trace my steps before and after the infamous night of Thursday, November 21, 1991, celebrate the era and recognize all those who experience peace, love, unity, and respect on hundreds of dance floors in England.”

Pendergast described as the flyer’s golden era to the period between 1991 and 1993 when they were mostly scribbles and illustrations, but genuine art pieces. The book has not yet been published but we can see a preview on the official website.

Here are some of the flyers that will be featured in the book.

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