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FNP goes back to the ’80s with ‘She’s A Tiger’

Photo Credit: Jonathan Wilcox

A synth-drenched affaire.

FNP returns to his love for vocal-driven, ‘80s inspired synthwave cuts with the release of his new single, ‘She’s A Tiger’. The new track is already available to stream across all major digital platforms.

Reviving the halcyon days of the ‘80s, the British artist evokes disco-fueled nights throughout ‘She’s A TIger’ with lush synthesizers that glisten under the neon lights and a vocal sample taken from the iconic silver screen classic ‘Scarface’.

‘One of my absolute favorites this – I’m a big ‘Scarface’ fan so I wanted to get that sample in there, but this started off with the bassline. The track started as an analog jam with some of my favorite synths and from there it built to something I’m really happy with’, says FNP about the new drop.

Listen to ‘She’s A Tiger’ here.

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