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FNP releases new single ‘Think Like That’

Photo Credit: Jonathan Wilcox

A perfect summer piece.

London-based producer FNP has shared his latest release in the shape of his new single, ‘Think Like That’. The song is already available to stream across various platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

The new single presents FNP under a new style and approach, showcasing his love for soulful and jazz-tinged house music, as funky guitar riffs and improvisational elements make it a blissful slice of summer.

‘With ‘Think Like That’ I wanted to keep to mostly organic instruments. I found a guitar sample that had a lush funk to it and composed some chords with a stabbing, Fender Rhodes instrument. It’s a track that’s built on improv, so I wanted to finish with a jazzy synth solo!’, says the producer about his newest cut.

Listen to FNP’s ‘Think Like That’ below and pick up your copy here.

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