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Foby & Giangi Cappai aim for eternity with ‘Infinito’

Now available via Blessed Cross Records.

Italians Giangi Cappai and Foby have linked up once again for a very special outing as the pair dives into infinity with their ‘Infinito’ EP. The new single is already available across all major platforms via their own Blessed Cross Records.

This time around, label founders Giangi Cappai and Foby thrust themselves into the spotlight with ‘Infinito’, a showstopping track built on a powerful frame that treads over space with poise before intertwining mesmerizing synth lines and arpeggios in exquisite fashion for a delectable hybrid cut.

Listen to our premiere of ‘Foby & Giangi Cappai – Infinito’ below, and purchase your copy here.

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