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Four Tet And Madlib Drop Details Of Their Album ‘Sound Ancestors’

Four Tet and Madlib drop details of their album ‘Sound Ancestors’

After a long time working together, the LP will be available this month.

Four Tet and Madlib have revealed more information about their upcoming collaborative album, ‘Sound Ancestors’, to be released through Madlib Invazion on January 29th.

Upon the premiere, the artists unveiled the tracklist, the music credits were attributed to Madlib, while the editing, mastering, and arranging tasks were handled by Kieran Hebden, better known as Four Tet.

Regarding this bonding, Four Tet said: ‘I showed him this concept one day while we were eating and we decided to work on this together. He would send me clues, loops, ideas, and experiments that I arranged, edited, manipulated, and combined. I received hundreds of pieces of music for a couple of years and during that time I put together this album with all the parts that fit my vision’.

Listen below to the two album tracks that have been revealed: ‘Road Of The Lonely Ones’ and ‘Hopprock’. You can pre-order ‘Sound Ancestors’ by Four Tet and Madlib here.

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