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Francesca Lombardo shares 5 creative studio tips

Francesca Lombardo has cultivated a sound of her own via an emotional narrative of dreamy soundscapes, stirring melodies, and hypnotic rhythms. Criss-crossing the globe as a DJ and live performer, she’s played monumental shows including IMS Dalt Villa, Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Get Lost, Resistance, Circoloco as well as The Royal Albert Hall. In tandem, Francesca has built up a formidable back-catalog of music on esteemed labels: Crosstown Rebels, Mobilee, Leftroom, Poker Flat, Bedrock, and her own Echoe and Echolette imprints amongst others.

Ahead of her presentation at Day Zero’s return to Tulum this January 10th, 2022, Francesca Lombardo shares 5 creative tips for the studio.

1. Always write ideas down

Every time you have an idea for a track or a sound or lyrics, whether you are on a flight, after a gig or during a gig, write it down on your phone or paper. You will always think you will remember it after, but it doesn’t work like that! The moment you heard it in your head is not the same setting in which later when you are trying to remember it. I have lost so many great ideas (or at least I thought they were great) just cause I didn’t write them down. Ideas are where everything starts in the creative process, so you need to keep them safe!

2. Have a template for your DAW

Create a template that you can rely on and that fits your needs and production habits. Starting from scratch every time can take so much more of your time, but having a template will save a lot of it. Having your auxiliaries already in place, or dynamics or groups can really change your workflow and give more space to creativity.

3. If you don’t like it anymore get away from it

Sometimes spending too much time on a track can be very damaging for the project and you! Try to step away from the music when it doesn’t sound like you hear it anymore and sometimes a break from it is just what is needed to reset your ideas on it and your ears. I have left tracks for months before, and once I have gone back to them, it took only a day to finally make them sound as I wanted them to.

4. Listen with your ears and with your heart

Sometimes it’s easy to get influenced by the outside world, but it’s really important that you stick to what you truly are. In the years I found that listening to your music with your own heart is what brings you back to your true self as an artist. Don’t listen with your head!

5. Play your demos!

Playing your music is a great way to know what it gives to the crowd and what is missing. It is also a way to make your music exclusive, through months and months of lonely plays on the dance floor when people don’t expect it.  I have improved my music many times by doing that, but also have decided to put some tracks back to sleep for a while. The crowd on the dance floor is the best set of ears you can have…use them!

While much of the world has been in hibernation, Damian Lazarus and his creative crew have used the time to refine and reimagine. Day Zero returns refreshed this January 10th, 2022. Purchase your tickets here.

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