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Francis Mercier drops afro house rework of Amapiano hit ‘Mina Nawe’

Out now via Soa Family and Virgin Music.

Photo credit: Francis Mercier – Official

Haitian DJ and producer Francis Mercier has just released an Afro house remix of the popular Amapiano track ‘Mina Nawe’. The original cut was produced by South African DJ and producer Soa Mattrix, with vocals by Mashudu, and featuring Happy Jazzman & Emotionz DJ.

‘Mina Nawe’ not only pays homage to the distinctive sound of Amapiano, but also showcases Francis Mercier’s unique style, which combines his rich cultural and ethnic background with the vibrant sounds of the South African genre.

Mercier’s rework takes listeners on a sonic journey, with beats and a bassline that adds energy to the track. The evolution of the remix creates a listening experience that will resonate with Amapiano and Afro house enthusiasts. While staying true to the allure of the original version, Mercier’s touch infuses the track with his own sound and style.

Listen to ‘Mina Nawe (Francis Mercier Rework)’ below and get your copy here.

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