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Frankey & Sandrino return to Innervisions with ‘Memories’

Introducing Innervisions ‘Vertical Farms’ visual concept series.

Photo credit: Cosmas Diener

German electronic music duo Frankey & Sandrino are back with their new Innervisions EP entitled ‘Memories. This release also kicks off ‘Vertical Farms,’ a visual concept series from the Berlin-based label.

The EP features the title track ‘Memories,’ showcasing powerful vocals from London-based Charlotte Riby, blending the duo’s sound design with captivating melodies and poignant lyrics. ‘Blue Flash,’ is a lively, fast-paced journey filled with dynamic chord progressions, catchy arpeggios, and complex sound layers, providing a sonic getaway.

This release also introduces Innervisions’ novel visual concept series, ‘Vertical Farms.’ Drawing inspiration from the intersection of art, design, and technology, this series brings abstract ideas to life as tangible visual experiences, reflecting the label’s commitment to expanding creative limits.

Listen to the ‘Memories’ EP below and get your copy here.

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