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Fur Coat Presents New Label Compilation ‘Odd Echoes Vol. 2’

Fur Coat presents new label compilation ‘Odd Echoes Vol. 2’

The Venezuelan duo continues to explore their imprint’s melodic and deep sound.

Via their Oddity label, Fur Coat just published the second volume of ‘Odd Echoes’. This new compilation features ten tracks of some emerging talents and others more positioned on the electronic scene.

Among the artists included are Yotam Avni, Colyn, Esoteric Circle and Antonio Ruscito. The tracklist also highlights ‘Terra Luna’, a Fur Coat cut that has managed to have good reception on their latest shows.

‘Odd Echoes Vol. 2’ is now available. Listen to ‘Terra Luna’ premiere below and grab your copy here.


Fur Coat – Terra Luna
Colyn – Khazad Dum
Antonio Ruscito – Funzione Infinito
EarthLife – La verità del tempo
VNTM – Counterfeit
Esoteric Circle – May the giant be with you
Yotam Avni – Mindspeak
Heckman – Paroxysm
Soel – Lune De Sang
Darse – Engrave

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