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Back To The Future… The Further Future

Back to the Future… the Further Future

Review by Alixandria Lomas
All photos by Guillermo Montero

This was our second time going back to the future… the further future.

We got a late start leaving Los Angeles  past 7 PM and didn’t arrive at the Moapa Indian Reservation just out side of Las Vegas until 1 AM. By then lots of people were arriving but the check in was easy, everyone was nice and helpful, and we quickly found a spot to set up our tent.

A couple minutes later our camp was up and we were ready to adventure out for the night. Just as we got some warm clothes on and opened a beer it began to rain… A lot! We took cover in the tent with the chill sounds of Caribou in the distance.


Finally the rain stopped and we ventured out. At least one of us was in a cute trash-bag poncho. Most of the stages were closed but Fort Romeau was playing to a packed tent of people at the Void Village. The tent was really beautiful with lots of platforms to dance on and strings of lights hanging just outside. Then it started to rain again, even more than before, but everyone stuck around to hear Dixon.

That’s until the sun came out, the sound starting blasting from behind us, and Dixon led the crowd, mid track, over to the Robot Heart bus. His marathon set continued until 11 in the morning. It was awesome! Everywhere you look people were smiling and dancing, including the artist himself who was playing under the heart structure.


By Saturday afternoon the sky turned dark and the event staff calmly evacuated everyone back to our tents. Turns out, there was a pretty heavy thunderstorm on its way. Even given the harsh circumstance the crew was well prepared and helpful.

The rain was crazy. Creating what felt like a mini flash flood and shutting down the event for a couple hours. Some people put on their own music and danced around in the rain, others tried to keep their tents from washing away. But as soon as it was over the party picked right up where it stopped.

We checked out the Mothership stage where The Pharcyde was playing. Even since the soundcheck, these guys were killing it. 90’s hip hop reinvented (with the original music videos projected in the back!), a little jazz and some very skilled musicians.

Next up was Nicolas Jaar with one of the most intense intros I’ve heard in a while. Lots of people filled the dance floor looking forward to his set and he definitely didn’t let them down.


We had to cut it short though to catch Pattern Drama at Robot Heart. At any moment there was lots to do. Word on the street was the speakers were great, the food was amazing, and the whiskey tasting was pretty legit. Some other highlights were Inland Knights, Jane Fitz and HVOB. We will definitely check them out next year but for now it was time for a disco nap.

Of course by morning lots of people had gathered to enjoy the sunrise set of Lee Burridge at Robot Heart. People had their best outfits on (think lots of sparkles, sunglasses and skin tight clothes). The music and the people were all pretty beautiful. The last set of the day (and my favorite this and last year!) was Frank and Tony. Couldn’t ask for more of a groovy New York sound.


All in all, the event was great. There was lots of room to dance at the stages, shaded chairs to relax in and raised pallets to climb for a nice view. Every stage seemed to have a bar at it and the food stands served everything from tacos to fruit bowls.

As long as you don’t mind a little dust you should totally check it out. See you in the future…err…next year.

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