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Fuse London celebrates its 5th anniversary

Since its inception FUSE has established itself as a London institution and a major player on the international clubbing circuit, hosting over 300 events across Europe and around the world, whilst launching two critically acclaimed record labels. Part of their successs is attributed to its core residents that set the tone at every event which include Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito, Rich NxT, Rossko. The philosophy of them is simple: to stand out from the crowd by hosting exceptionally high-quality raves.

In 2011 the group also established FUSE London Recordings. A label headed up by Enzo Siragusa which collected together the talents of the emerging artist around him to produce a label with an outstanding and unique dubby sound. With tracks like ‘Sagamore‘ by Enzo Siragusa and ‘Kilimanjaro‘ with Alex Kidd setting the standards for the label, as well as Seb Zito’s ‘Flat 1‘, and Archie Hamilton’s ‘Works On Sunday‘ all hitting the mark.

The label is now celebrating its 5th anniversary with the first ever Fuse event at the newly refurbished Studio 338 in London, this is FUSE’s only major London event this summer.

The label started as a platform for our London based artists who were making a deeper dubby sound specifically for Fuse. The label and sound has evolved with the parties and the artists’. ‘We have grown and cultured our sound touring the world and experiencing different crowds, dancefloors and sound systems, bringing it all back to the studio in London and to FUSE London Recordings” – Enzo Siragusa


The event will showcase a rare line up of the majority of label contributors from the first 5 years of FUSE London Recordings – exploring the collision of London obsession with new electronic talent with the hopeful ecstasies of the rave generation. Sister label Infuse will be taking over the loft hosting a specially curated room featuring Infuse artists from past, present and future.

For more info and lineup visit here:


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