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Gabe shares five studio tips for comfortable and productive studio sessions

Gabe has more than 20 years in the scene ranking as one of the top representatives coming from Brazil.  As a kind of joker in his country, transiting like nobody between the underground and mainstream circuits, the DJ / Producer of hits like “Expressions” continues to flip in the four corners of the country, seeing his fan base grow substantially.

Gabe’s latest release is a remix of Uone & Western’s ‘Kaos of Time feat. Briony Taylor-Brooks’ as part of The Long Waranglers Remix Collection. Today, he shares 5 basic indispensable tips for comfortable & productive studio sessions with us.

1 – Good acoustics makes a big difference

Having a good room with good sound inside is what makes a big difference for me. It’s much easier to understand the sounds and also much more comfortable to work for many hours .

It’s frustrating to produce a track in the studio, it sounds good at that moment, and when you play it on the dancefloor, it sounds bad because the mix isn’t well done because your studio doesn’t have good acoustics.

2 – Monitors

A good pair of monitors is the best investment in my opinion. I use Barefoot’s MicroMain26. But there’s a lot of good monitors around at all kind of prices. I had Dynaudio, Focal, and others.

3 – Good chair

It’s important to have a comfortable chair to work because we sit for so many hours and the body needs to be in good posture. I recommend Herman & Miller.

Although it seems like something irrelevant when you’re young, you’re excited, you work in whatever way you can. But over time, you realize that good posture and comfort are sorely needed.

4 – Sounds / Softwares

Always look for new sound banks and new software. Keep it updated. That will give you some new inspirations and fresh unheard sounds.

Sometimes the difficulty in creating something different, surprising, is in the fact that you try to create something different with the same tools. I believe that researching new sounds improves the creative process a lot.

5 – Focus

Try to concentrate in the music you are working on . Don’t get too distracted with mobiles and other things. I know it’s hard but once you are inside the music the progress happens much faster.

I leave my cell phone silent and out of my sight. Sometimes I don’t answer a call from someone important, but it’s my time to write music. Discipline is the word to me. In the morning, my personal appointments, talking to the agency, manager, answering emails. In the afternoon, studio. At night, my family.

6 – Being creative is more important than having equipment

Nowadays you don’t need the best equipment. All you need are good samples and your favorite daw with audio units. Being creative it’s one of the most important things for making original sounds.

The equipment will make your sound better, louder. But it’s creativity that will make you produce a different, interesting sound with your signature.

You can pre-order Beat & Path’s ‘Uone & Western – The Lone Wranglers – Remix Collection’ here.

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