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Gabriel Evoke – Get Loose – Namata

Namata releases a new EP with two original tracks from label boss Gabriel Evoke, and an insightful remix by Sam Haskin.

The explosive combination of synthetic and organic is what guides the work of the Brazilian label Namata. The label has been a reference in the minimal and deep house scenes since 2020, not only in Brazil but worldwide. And this recognition status is reaffirmed, once again, with its latest release, the ‘Get Loose’ EP, which arrived on the platforms this past April 20th, 2023.

This time, the figure behind this new installment is non-other than the head label, Gabriel Evoke. Owner of a sound with direct influences from nature, Evoke seeks to bring native sounds, pure and organic in each new work – and this EP shows exactly what Namata is all about.

In the two original tracks, the artist bets on layers and textures, composed of natural sounds and electronic beats. But while ‘Get Loose’ brings an energetic melody, ‘Emotions’ focuses on presenting a lighter, more intimate atmosphere. The release also features a remix of Sam Haskin, the highly regarded American artist who brought a touch of density to the title track, exploring synths and more solid elements.

Gabriel Evoke’s ‘Get Loose’ is out now via Namata. Purchase your copy here.

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