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Gabriel Sordo next on the Get Physical Full Body Workout series (Audio)

This is the 20th edition of the influential label collection.

Mexican DJ and producer Gabriel Sordo moves forward with the latest edition of the Get Physical Full Body Workout series.

The eleven-tracks compilation includes ten originals. First up is son of Brazil Andre Salata opening the mix on a heavy note with ‘Cliff Diving’, a deep, crunchy vibe perfect for the floor. From there we move to Adapter and LD Nero before we come to Jaen Paniagua with another dark and dirty track ‘Metropolis’, kicking the energy even higher. Louie Fresco and Gabriel Sordo take it back to house territory after that. Izzy Demzky throws CJ’s ‘Locked Groove’ mix of funky house vibe, and LIVIA continues the funky house bubble before Olga Kouklaki drops the bass again with ‘Low Road’. Lastly Climbers round off the compilation with a beautiful track called ‘Driving’, featuring guitar and an almost retro feel, emitting a blissful tone and warm vibes.

Get Physical Presents: Full Body Workout Vol. 20 – Mixed by Gabriel Sordo is already available and you can buy it here

Listen to the compilation’s preview below.

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