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Ganu – AY10 – Ready Mix Records

Ganu – AY10 – Ready Mix Records

Swedish producer Ganu releases his first ever EP on Ready Mix Records. The debut, titled ‘AY10,’ is an intense and touching deep house production, which the artist has dedicated to the memory of his aunt Ayten. The release also comes with remixes by Ready Mix Records’ regular Savvas, Sarkis Mikael, and Syrian producer Goro.

Melancholic synth melodies, rolling drums and haunting oriental flutes make the original track feel deeply emotional while it also grows in energy as the song progresses.

Savvas’ remix adds a spark of ambiance with a sorrowful backing pad and melodies that glint and surround the space with further emotion.

Sarkis Mikael darkens things up a notch with a punchy kick and a deeper bassline, and while it maintains hints of the original’s signature flutes, it also intelligently adds fresh eastern inspired melodies and sounds to the mix.

Finally, Goro wraps up the collection giving protagonism to mystic spiritual vocals that were unheard of in the other tracks, while also adding big sounding raw drums and acoustic guitar riffs.

Ganu’s ‘AY10’ is already available. Grab your copy here.


1. Ganu – AY10 (Original Mix)
2. Ganu – AY10 (Savvas Remix)
3. Ganu – AY10 (Sarkis Mikael Remix)
4. Ganu – AY10 (Goro Remix)

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