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Garzia, Sochil – Heart Benders – Salomon Records

Salomon Records’ Garzia delivers ‘Heart Benders’, a 5-track EP that includes work he had done together with late producer and singer, Sochil. Making use of Sochil’s enchanting vocals, the artist remembers his friend and intends to celebrate the life of this talented Dj & producer who is no longer with us by making her voice and work sound through dance floors across the world.

The first track, ‘Heart Benders,’ is a minimal/deep tech production that represents well the style and vibe of the tracks that follow. With prominent drum and percussion loops, ambient pads and Sochil’s mesmerizing vocals, Garzia blends energetic, soulful, and trippy elements in a track that despite its minimal nature manages to be melodically rich and highly rhythmic.

With little introduction needed, Matt Star delivers a harder take with his remix of ‘Heart Benders,’ featuring a strong punchy kick with a driving bassline while maintaining essential elements of the hypnotizing melody and groovy percussion of the original.

Garzia and Sochil take things into deeper waters on ‘Grey Insides’, painting a collage of atmospheric pads and sounds behind the energetic and rhythmic drums that characterize the rest of the EP.

Talented Mexican producer Gabriel Sordo puts his delicate touch on ‘Grey Insides’ stepping the pace up with faster and more pronounced drums while also giving major importance to the heavenly pads that carry the melody of the track.

Last up is another original track by Garzia, ‘Jongo So Chillz,’ with hints of break percussion and a deeper stronger bassline along with trippy dialogue excerpts samples.

Garzia and Sochill’s ‘Heart Benders’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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