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Behind the decks with Gassan

DJ and producer Gassan, hailing from Almaty, Kazakhstan, has made a significant impact on the dance music scene over the last 14 years.

Photo credit: Gassan – Official

Recognized for his fusion of Melodic Techno and Indie Dance, he has consistently climbed the Beatport Indie Dance chart. Driven by his dedicated fanbase and travel experiences, Gassan has gained recognition from labels including Exx Muzik, 3000Grad, and ICONYC.

EG recently had an opportunity to interview Gassan. The conversation delves into his creative process, inspirations, and future aspirations, providing a comprehensive look into the life of this artist.

EG: Hi Gassan, welcome to EG! Where are you right now?

Gassan: Hello! Thanks a lot. I am currently in my hometown of Almaty, Kazakhstan!

EG: Can you tell us about your journey into music and how you got started as a DJ and producer?

Gassan: It’s a long journey. I started my career 14 years ago, with a love for Trance music. At that time, Trance was very popular, much like Melodic Techno is now. I started playing Progressive Trance. Armin van Buuren and Armada music were at the pinnacle of the dance scene. I also organized my own parties and recorded podcasts. There were attempts in those years to write my first tracks.

EG: What inspires you when you’re creating music?

Gassan: I imagine how this track will be played by different DJs all over the world and how I will play it myself and see the happy faces of people. Travel and performances are very inspiring. I recently attended performances in India and Turkey and received strong inspiration to move forward. It’s great to travel to different places around the world and play music. It’s the best thing that can happen for a producer and DJ!

EG: How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Gassan: I try to make music that you can listen to at home, on headphones, and that you can play at performances! I like to experiment with sound. It’s a fusion of Melodic Techno, Progressive, and Indie Dance. Let’s call it emotional dance music. Each track contains certain feelings.

“I try to make music that you can listen to at home, on headphones, and that you can play at performances!”

EG: What do you enjoy most about performing live sets compared to studio work?

Gassan: I really enjoy playing music and seeing the audience’s response and emotions on their faces! It’s wonderful, the interaction with the public, the communication! And at performances, you can check how well your new track is going!

EG: As a resident of labels like Exx Muzik, 3000Grad, and ICONYC, how do you think these affiliations have influenced your musical style and career trajectory?

Gassan: I am glad to be part of these labels. I have a very close connection with Exx Muzik. They strongly support my music. I have a good relationship with ICONYC. Soon my favorite track ‘Gassan – Opera’ will be released there as part of their famous compilation ‘WE ARE ICONYC’. Basically, I always do what I like, but I also try to take into account trends in the world of music, so that the tracks are interesting to the audience and DJs, and most importantly, so that they actively play my tracks in their sets! Now I do both Indie Dance and Melodic Techno, but I will go more into the Melodic direction this year. There are requests for music from interesting Melodic Techno labels. These labels gave me a good foundation!

EG: Could you share some insights into your creative process when working on a new track?

Gassan: Everything is always different, but most often I start with a melody – this is the main idea in the track. I start with leads, piano, arpeggios, and pads, then everything develops by itself! And I don’t push myself, I do it slowly. I can give one track a couple of weeks to develop!

EG: Your tracks consistently top the Beatport Indie Dance chart. What do you think sets your music apart and resonates so strongly with listeners?

Gassan: Yes, it’s very nice, all the latest tracks reached the top positions. I receive a lot of messages from artists all over the world! It seems to me that this is a fusion of styles, my Indie Dance with a touch of Melodic Techno. Some tracks you listen to and it’s hard to determine whether it’s Melodic Techno or Indie Dance. And interesting Indie Dance labels even started writing to me. In April, a good track will be released on the Sapient Robots label. I am in negotiations with one of the top Indie Dance labels in the industry. After getting into Top Indie Dance Beatport, the labels began to want to collaborate with me more willingly. This makes me happy.

EG: Let’s talk about your upcoming release on ICONYC. What can fans expect from this release, and what was the inspiration behind the tracks?

Gassan: This will be an amazing Melodic Techno track with epic vocals, for festivals. It’s my favorite track in my career. I have high hopes for it and am very happy to collaborate with the ICONYC label. The track will be released as part of the ‘WE ARE ICONYC’ compilation.

“After getting into Top Indie Dance Beatport, the labels began to want to collaborate with me more willingly”

EG: You mentioned an experimental afro house release coming soon on the Transa label. What drew you to explore this genre, and what can fans anticipate from this project?

Gassan: Now Afro House is more popular than ever. Many world DJs began to play tracks of this genre in their sets and release Afro remixes and tracks. About half a year ago I had an idea. At first, Organic House was planned, but in the end, I added elements of Afro House, and I liked it very much. The Transa label also liked the track. The track will be released soon, I think this spring!

EG: Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for your music career in the coming year?

Gassan: I want more international tours, bright releases, and support from the audience, this is the most important thing. And I will cooperate with labels that are currently interested in my music!

EG. Thanks for the time and all the best!

Gassan: Thank you very much, it was a pleasure!

Gassan’s ‘Arcadia’ is out now via Schallmauer Records. Stream and download here.

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